About Us

Field Lining & Painting Services is a partnership born from the basic principles of supply and demand. Having organized countless youth and high school tournaments in differing sports, the need for a dependable and trustworthy field lining company became apparent.

why choose field lining & Painting Services?

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Save Time

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Save Money

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Save Labour

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Save Aggravation

We use professional, self propelled equipment featuring state of the art CO2 pressurized Smith co machines, which spray bulk custom mixed field paints. We can paint and re-paint your playing fields for close to what you're currently spending on aerosol cans.

Hire Field Lining & Painting Services and never worry about who is going to volunteer to paint your fields, or better yet, save labour costs by not having to use your employees.

We can also, for a small additional fee, use turf growth inhibitors, which safely limit the growth of the grass where paint is applied, so you are not cutting away the paint lines every time you mow. Growth inhibitors can safely decrease the required amount of applications of paint per year significantly, saving your team, club or event money!

Leave the field lining to us and save time, labour, money and aggravation!

Our mission

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Our service area encompasses the Philadelphia and surrounding tri-state region including PA, NJ, DE and parts of Maryland. With offices based in Thornton, PA just off the I-95 corridor, no location is too far.

Call us today for a quote or submit the Get a Quote form here. We're interested in helping make your next event seamless.